eLearning has completely transformed the way in which learning is delivered. eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective. 

Today's learners want relevant, mobile, self-paced, and personalized content. eLearning can deliver this.

EU15 has recongised this and has undertaken several studies - download our Best Practice Guide - and been involved in numerous international projects in the area of elearning.


In 2013 (with the financial support of the UK Government) EU15 Ltd created a specialised division -The Foundation for Entrepreneurship Participation - whose major objective is to develop and implement an entrepreneurial eco-system to assist entrepreneurs to develop themselves, innovate and partner with other enterprises.

Activities include the provision of a self-assessment on-line competency tool for budding & existing entrepreneurs.


With the increasing importance and challenges facing training for “New Age Technologies” EU15 has a keen interest in working to enhance and develop new training methodologies to enhance the skills of a new generation that will need such skills when seeking employment in the future. 

EU15 Ltd has already led, managed and participated in 3 EU funded projects relating to the development of training and support materials for robotics, AI and the use of 3D printing. We are also working with various USA institutions self-funding research into the needs of SMEs and the introduction of robots/AI into the workplace. Check out our European Survey Report, Robotics/AI and 3D printing (July 2017)

Workplace Relationships

EU15 Ltd (UK), The 4Civility Institute (USA) and ACRUX Consulting Ltd (Ireland) have come together to provide a one-stop service to help organisations to resolve relationship issues in the workplace be they around civility, ethics, resolving conflicts, mediation, workplace bullying, emotional intelligence, toxic workplace, trust leadership or behavioral transition.