Dr Paul Quantock, Managing Director

Dr Quantock heads up EU15 and holds a number of Chairmanships and Directorships with various organisations and is UK based. He is currently working on training and advisory projects in Africa, India, Eastern and Western Europe and the Caribbean. He has been assisting all types of organisations throughout the world for over 45 years. In 1998 he created The Foundation for European Initiatives. 

In 2006 he, together with influential Indian figures from Government and NGOs circles, created the “India Healthcare Training Think-Tank” to advise on the future training needs for India in the healthcare sector. Dr Paul Quantock was the Joint Chairman.

In 2013 he created (with UK Government support) the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Participation (www.tfep.org) and in 2016 created, with high profile colleagues from the US, Europe and the Caribbean, the Caribbean Training and Support Group (CARI-TaRG) (www.caritarg.tfep.org)

Dr Quantock also has 45 years experience of managing EU funded pan-European projects both as a partner and lead coordinator. 

He has over 25 years’ experience of developing, delivering and managing complex training activities and creating effective international training partnerships around the world. 

His specialisms is the field of entrepreneurship, robotics and the development of micro-SMEs.

He is supported by a dedicated team of professional Associates from around the world



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