Robotics - Training for the New Age (ROTENA)

This EU funded Project (October 2016 - September 2018) aimed to use the motivational effects of robotics (including AI (Artificial Intelligence)) and 3D printing to excite students (particularly young people) about science and to develop programmes to enable them to engage in the "New Age Technologyā€¯ revolution.

The specific aim of the Project was to develop an introductory training programme, incorporating a combination of robotics competition activities and curriculum, designed to help teachers to teach programming skills to young people to enable them to gain knowledge and experience of these new technologies, including the use and application of 3D printing (which can be used to build the component parts of robots).

SMEs & eLearning (SME-ELEARN)

This Project (September 2014 - August 2016) has, as its aim, to test and transfer elearning practices that are common in the formal education sector to SMEs (with up to 30 employees) in order to address the vocational skills needed to develop and sustain SME growth in Europe. This will involve working closely with over 100 SMEs employees and managers and VET providers.

SMEs need to be aware of the e-learning opportunities available to them, and, more importantly, how these can be used to best advantage to ensure acceptance by the Managers and workforce. Throughout Europe SMEs are increasingly important to the economic well being of the EU. It is estimated that they account for 99% of all business with 42% of all turnover.

Governance Models of Education and Vocational Training (VET GOVERNANCE) - Italy/Spain/UK

This EU funded project (October 2008 - September 2010) intends to transfer, and adapt, the results of two previous Italian projects, which cover the issues of governance of education and training and networking models of mixed-education training. These projects have addressed the issues in question for the region of Lombardy. This is to update / transfer / adapt research findings to the regions of Sicily and Piedmont.

The overall goal of the project is to facilitate the development of innovative practices in education and vocational training and transfer of these practices by all participating countries, including England and Spain, through greater cooperation with the social partners and with all the key players. It will aim to develop the capacity and skills of teachers and trainers in the area of networking. The general target of the present activity is to transfer the results of two Lombardy projects, successfully concluded, to other areas of Italy and Europe.

Governance Models of Education and Vocational Training (Italy) - VET GOVERNANCE - The UK Perspective - REPORT

Published March 2010 (pdf - 66 pages)






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